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These photographs were taken with a documentary approach - they narrate an activity, a neighborhood, a person, both through the visual medium and through shared discourse.

The Sourdough Rising - an activist baker

In this documentary series, an activist baker talks about his bread-making ethic: wheeled ovens, natural sourdough, local and grassroots agriculture.

Cité bleue - portaits

Cité Bleue - in situ 

Cité Bleue

This photographic series was created at the invitation of the Compagnie des Hommes and its director, Didier Ruiz, as part of a project supported by the Théâtre des Bords de Seine and the social housing provider Sequens. I proposed to capture the life of the neighborhood by asking residents of the Cité Bleue in Athis-Mons to 'replay' scenes from their daily lives that symbolize their belonging to this neighborhood. These photographs were preceded by interviews and portraits taken in a mobile photo studio. Through these photographs accompanied by short excerpts from these interviews, emerges what constitutes the life of this neighborhood. These photos are exhibited outdoors in the Cité Bleue.

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