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Antoine Billet

Antoine Billet is a photographer and documentary and live performance recording director. He offers a close and attentive perspective to the works of the artists he collaborates with.

He has notably worked with Peeping Tom at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, Gerard & Kelly at Villa Savoye during the Festival d’Automne in Paris, Jann Gallois at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, and Gaëlle Bourges at Le Quai in Angers. In theater, he collaborates with TGStan at CNSAD, Lorraine de Sagazan at MC93, Thomas Quillardet at the Festival d’Automne, and Mathilde Delahaye at Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône. In music, he records performances for Nosfell at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale and Lucie Antunes at 104.

He has also directed several documentaries for Chaillot, Théâtre national pour la danse, and for various performing arts companies. In 2023, he directed the documentary "Pinocchios et Gepettos, dans le secret de l'atelier" for television, where he follows the transformation of young artists participating in a production by Alice Laloy.

Born in 1981, he grew up in Brittany where he had the opportunity to discover live performances at La Passerelle, the National Stage of Saint Brieuc, and a certain cinema at the Festival des 3 Continents in Nantes. After studying cultural management at Sciences Po Strasbourg, he organized theater productions and a film festival in Central Asia. Upon his return to France, he continued his passions for images and live performance by working for different international performing arts companies, while also undergoing training in filmmaking at INA and Louis Lumière. This double path led him to the direction of documentaries and live performance recordings, developed with the refined perspective of a sensitive spectator.


+336 64 13 42 05

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